Modelark´s know-how covers over 20 years experience in architectural design and real estate development. A multidisciplinary background influences Modelark´s style and gives it a professional touch from an artistic, technical and commercial point of view.

 Construction and Planning


Construction design


Our work includes commercial, office and residential designing from small to large scale projects. We also work in cooperation with other design companies providing partial works such as facade designs or permission designs for their projects.

Modelark´s design specializes in Building Information Modeling or BIM, which basically means designing in a 3D environment. The benefits of the BIM are highly regarded compared to traditional design methods, as one model is the source of both technical and visual information.


Alvar Aallonkatu, Office and retail buildings, Helsinki Finland, 2009. In cooperation with Arkkitehtitoimisto Haroma & Partners


Rovaniemi city quarters 33 ja 34, Residential blocks, Rovaniemi Finland, 2010. In cooperation with Arkkitehtuuritoimisto Teuvo Kairesto




We have experience in planning for various cities in Finland including Helsinki, Espoo, Oulu, Kuopio and Saarijärvi. The success in city structural competitions for Riihimäki and Vaajakoski became in cooperation with Risto Vuori.


Kilonkartano, Espoo Finland, 2013-2015.  Reference design for planning.

 Real Estate


Property development


Ageing properties contend for the same tenants as newly built office and commercial buildings in fierce competition in the rental market. They may sometimes have old fashioned and outdated looking interiors or impractical formation of space for today´s purposes or maybe the external architecture is no longer attractive. The status of these buildings can be upgraded or modernized by focusing on property development as the prime marketing strategy.

To describe with words the potential of a property can often be a challenging task. With visualized architectural ideas it becomes a lot clearer and easier to project unseen possibilities to the client. The more possibilities there are to modify a property, the more resilient it will be with the passage of time.


Above: Shopping centre Liila, Martinsilta Espoo, 2012.  In cooperation with A-Factor.



Tietäjäntie 4, Espoo Finland, 2012. Concept design for change of use: From office building to apartment building. Before and after.


Architectural Drawings for Marketing


High quality drawings and representation images in real estate marketing become an important factor when competition over possible investors and tenants is intense. Site plans, floor plans and sections in marketing brochures offer the most important information of the physical building itself. Their value increases when they are presented professionally on both a technical and visual level.

  • 3D sections

A large amount of information is easily presented with 3D sections, in just one image: architecture, floor hierarchy, floor heights, intended use of floors, building height and basement arrangements.


Realestate marketing

  • 3D floor plans

With 3D floor plans, wall openings, materials, finishes and furnishings are illustrated photo-realistically in one picture. Also office variations designs (traditional office, open plan office, multi-space office) can be presented with 3D floor plans. Our work includes conceptual interior design.


  • Layered 2D floor plans

All 2D floor plans of the building can be presented in one picture. With this representation it is possible to see with one look for example the locations and volumes of the tenants of the building.




  • 3D views and photo inlays

Property development designs and placement designs can be presented with 3D photo inlays. Presenting ideas with photo-manipulation brings out the potential of the space. A refreshed look of the space shows a building in a new light. This increases the attractiveness of the property.



  • 2D drawings from .pdf- to .dwg-format

Drawings of older buildings are often scanned into .pdf or .jpg format from the original paper drawings. It is recommended to draw the .jpg- or .pdf image files into .dwg format for marketing purposes due to presentation quality.

Often existing .dwg-files of the property are not suitable for marketing purposes as they are; this is usually due to excessive information that realization drawings commonly have. By reducing the unnecessary information the drawings become clearer to read. For marketing purposes it is important that all the necessary information is presented and all unnecessary data is removed from the drawings.

*Note – it is very important to have an experienced designer with high level of visual presentation skills to re-draw or modify these drawings. This way, drawings for marketing will be easy to read and be seen as reliable and impressive also on a visual level.